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It's up to YQU
Shoot as you see it

Tell your story with pictures.

The way you see them. Unadulterated and pure. These images tell the complete story and make captured moments so unforgettable, portraying exactly what the photographer sees. As Leica’s first compact camera with full-frame sensor and fixed focal length, the Leica Q gives you everything you need to capture your take on the world in perfect images. Unleash all your ability – with the new Leica Q. It’s up to you.




Make the Q your camera

Touchscreen or buttons, viewfinder or monitor, AF or MF – the Leica Q has been specially developed for a particular kind of photography: your own.


Expand your possibilities

With its significantly simplified user interface, the Leica Q allows you to explore new creative freedom.


Always ready

Some moments in life arrive completely unannounced. Capture them completely. With the Leica Q.