The Soul of Photography

“This may sound paradoxical, but I experience the reduction to black and white as very enriching.”

“Photography enables
us to engage in a
deeper exploration of our
own selves, and tune into
our internal reality.”

That’s why I initially focus on my own response to the images I create – and then I’m very pleased if they also elicit emotions from other people.

“But what is it
that I find so
fascinating about
black and white

Why does this photographic style have such a calming effect on me? For me, this process has been like a journey to myself.

“Photographing with
the Q2 Monochrom
felt effortless
and free.”

 The camera system’s minimalism allowed me to fully concentrate on my composition and the nature of the light.

“I was very impressed by the camera’s low noise level. Especially the sustained richness of details at higher ISO settings is truly remarkable.”