For the ultimate photographic perfection

Even the best camera cannot improve on the image its lens delivers. This is why our design engineers always push – and sometimes go beyond – the limits of the technically possible, and never accept compromises.

In the case of the lenses for the S-System, traditional Leica quality is combined with cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to quality is founded on a simple principle: photographers must be able to rely completely on their lenses in all shooting situations and under all conditions. In keeping with this philosophy, Leica S-Lenses deliver excellent imaging performance not only at all focusing distances but also at all apertures.

S-Prime Lenses

High-performance lenses

The combination of more than a century of experience and state-of-the-art production methods makes Leica the only manufacturer with the ability to produce even large-diameter, aspherically ground lenses of this outstanding quality in serial production. This also holds true for the high-quality special glasses – for instance with anomalous partial dispersion or particularly high refractive indices – that demand the ultimate in technical expertise in their production.

Every Leica S-Lens with autofocus also has its own integrated processor for complete control of all functions. At the same time, you can override the autofocus at any time and set the distance manually with the focusing ring. The majority of the lenses of the Leica S-System are also available in an alternative version with an innovative central shutter (leaf shutter) for maximum creative freedom when using additional lighting.

S-Vario Lens

Cope with any situation

When pressures of time or limited accessibility to subjects make it impossible to change your position or lens, you can always rely on the variable focal lengths offered by the S-Vario-lens.

Maximum compatibility

Gives you unimagined creative freedom

The Leica S is dedicated to conserving value in every respect. A maxim that is reflected in its approach to cross-system compatibility. As proof of this, a range of adapters provide access to a multitude of 80 third-party lenses. This makes your choice of lenses almost limitless.