Leica SOFORT LimoLand

by Jean Pigozzi

The Leica SOFORT “LimoLand by Jean Pigozzi”

Leica Camera AG present the first special edition of their versatile instant camera, the Leica SOFORT. The camera’s front and rear panels are embellished with the vibrant graphics of “Mr Limo” – the logo of the LimoLand fashion label established by French-Italian photographer, entrepreneur and art collector Jean Pigozzi in 2007.

“Explosions of Colour”

Last year, Jean Pigozzi visited the Leitz Park in Wetzlar, wishing to find out more about the production of the cameras he had been working with for most of his life. It was during this visit that the idea for the Leica SOFORT ‘LimoLand by Jean Pigozzi’ was born.

Mr Limo

Mr Limo is the name Pigozzi chose for the colourful character that represents his fashion label – and which now also adorns the front and rear panels of the first Leica SOFORT special edition. Produced in a small run of a few thousand units, the LimoLand edition offers the same technical specifications as the camera’s serial versions in white, orange or mint. The LimoLand model comes with a matching shoulder strap, embellished with the Mr Limo design and made by Artisan&Artist. The Artisan&Artist’s patented Easy Slider “icon Strap” made of high quality nylon with adjustable strap.

I find it depressing to see so many people walk around dressed all in black.

Talking with Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, Artistic Director of Leica Galleries International, Pigozzi discussed the concept behind the LimoLand fashion label. “I find it depressing to see so many people walk around dressed all in black. It’s too easy.”

While his photography is almost exclusively in black and white, Pigozzi has a great appreciation for colour, especially when it comes to his wardrobe. For the logo of his fashion label – which he explains is aimed at “rich old men who don’t want to wear beige” – the passionate art collector and owner of the world’s largest collection of African contemporary art, chose a ‘happy face’ from one of the vibrant paintings of George Lilanga (1934–2005) of the Tanzanian Makonde tribe, which he licensed from the late artist’s heir.



The Leica SOFORT not only offers a range of shooting modes (Automatic, Party & People, Sport & Action and Macro), but also features creative programmes for multiple and timed exposures. What particularly appeals to Jean Pigozzi is having the choice between colour or black and white film, and of course the camera’s self-portrait function.